The Administration and Finance Department is in charge of the following tasks:

  • to cater for the secretarial support of the Authority (registry, minutes, personnel files, typing, computer applications, etc.).

  • to cater for the financial affairs of the Authority (budget, payroll, payment orders, procurement of office supplies, etc.).

  • to prepare the HDPA's budget and care for its execution and amendments.

  • to manage personnel-related issues, including the keeping of personnel files, and manage the computer network infrastructure.

Head of the Department

Aimilia Chrysovelidi


Konstantinos Aidinis, Roula Avgerinopoulou, Ioannis Ballos, Melpomeni Giannaki, Kostas Kafiris, Maria Kokkinaki, Antonis Makkas, Lambros Nikolaou, Georgia Palaiologou, Andreas Papadopoulos, Eirini Papageorgopoulou, Fotini Papaliosa, Eleni Patsoura, Symeon Petrou, Smaragda Printezi, Evangelia Zervou, Ioannis Samios.


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