The Department of Communications and Public Relations is responsible for the following tasks:

  • to assist the HDPA in developing and implementing its communication strategy.

  • to cater for the Public Relations of the HDPA and communicate with agencies, bodies and institutions in the public and private sectors as well as data protection authorities abroad, competent EU institutions and international organisations.

  • to issue information leaflets, make press announcements and help develop radio and TV spots promoting the mission and the areas of competence of the HDPA.

  • to monitor the media with regard to issues related to the protection of personal data.

  • to organize seminars, conferences and other events pertinent to the areas of competence of the HDPA.

  • to set up, maintain and update the Authority's library, the archive of Greek and foreign publications, the archive of decisions of international bodies and EU institutions pertinent to data protection.

  • to edit and proofread the Annual Report of the HDPA and oversee its publication.

Head of the Department

Dr Elias Athanasiadis


Amalia Logiaki.

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