Auditors have a legal or IT background and are responsible, among others, for the following tasks:

  • to conduct administrative audits in files containing personal data.
  • to issue regulatory acts pertaining to special and technical matters arising from the relevant legislation on data protection.
  • to issue directives with an aim to enhance uniformity of implementation and to protect personal data vis-?-vis technological development.
  • to assist Controllers in drafting codes of conduct.
  • to examine complaints, issue decisions, recommendations and suggestions for Controllers, and report violations to administrative and judicial authorities.
  • to handle issues relating to the drawing up and publication of the annual report of the Authority.
  • to grant permits for a) the collection and processing of sensitive personal data and respective files, b) interconnection of files including sensitive data, c) transboundary flow of personal data
  • to offer information and suggestions to all interested parties on their compliance with the regulations which apply for the processing of personal data.

Head of the Department

Dr Zoe Kardasiadou


Legal Auditors

Maria Alikakou, Evanthia Chatziliassi, Fotini Karvela, Kalliopi Karveli, Dr Charicleia Latsiou, Kyriaki Manika, Dr Eleni Maragou, Theodora Toutziaraki, Evmorfia Iosifina Tsakiridou, Dr Dimitrios Zografopoulos.

ICT Auditors

Konstantina Kambouraki, Dr Konstantinos Limniotis, Ioannis Lykotrafitis, Dr Konstantinos Moulinos, Dr Athina Bourka, Georgia Panagopoulou, Dr Georgios Rousopoulos, Leonidas Roussos, Efrossini Siougle.


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